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What Time Does Winstar Stop Serving Alcohol?

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If you’re planning a night out at Winstar Casino, you’ll want to know when the casino stops serving alcohol. In this article, we’ll answer the question of what time does Winstar stop serving alcohol so you can plan your evening accordingly. Read on to find out the answer to this important question.

What Time Does Winstar Stop Serving Alcohol?

What Time Does Winstar Stop Serving Alcohol?

Overview of Winstar Casino and Resort

WinStar World Casino and Resort is an American tribal casino and hotel located in Thackerville, Oklahoma, near the Oklahoma-Texas state line. It is owned and operated by the Chickasaw Nation. WinStar has over 7,400 electronic games, 46 table games, a 55-table poker room, a 3,500-seat Global Events Center, one of the largest in the world, and a 1,400-room hotel. WinStar is one of the largest casinos in Oklahoma and is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What Is the Age Requirement to Purchase Alcohol at Winstar?

In order to purchase and consume alcohol at Winstar, customers must be 21 years of age or older. Customers must provide valid identification that includes a photo and date of birth. Customers must also be prepared to provide identification if asked to do so by any Winstar personnel.

What Kinds of Alcohol Does Winstar Serve?

Winstar offers a wide selection of alcoholic beverages including beer, wine, cocktails, and spirits. The casino and resort also offers specialty drinks and seasonal beverages. Customers can also enjoy a variety of alcoholic beverages at the casino’s many bars and restaurants.

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What Time Does Winstar Stop Serving Alcohol?

In accordance with Oklahoma state law, Winstar must cease alcohol sales at 2:00 am. Customers must finish their drinks by 2:30 am and leave the premises by 3:00 am. This rule applies to all bars, restaurants, and gaming areas of the casino and resort.

What Are the Penalties for Violating Winstar’s Alcohol Rules?

Customers who violate Winstar’s alcohol rules may be subject to fines, suspension, or permanent ban from the casino and resort. Customers may also be subject to criminal charges if they are found to be in violation of Oklahoma state alcohol laws.

What Are the Policies for Bringing Alcohol Into Winstar?

Winstar does not allow customers to bring their own alcohol onto the property. If a customer is found to be in possession of alcohol, it will be confiscated and no refund will be provided. Customers should also be aware that public intoxication is prohibited and any customer found to be intoxicated may be removed from the premises.

Top 6 Frequently Asked Questions

What Time Does Winstar Stop Serving Alcohol?

Answer: Winstar Casino in Oklahoma stops serving alcohol at 2AM, although some restaurants and bars may close earlier. All guests and patrons must be 21 years of age or older to consume alcohol at Winstar Casino. Additionally, alcohol sales may be discontinued when an event ends, such as a concert or show. It is always best to check with a Winstar staff member for the most up-to-date information.

What Types of Alcohol Does Winstar Serve?

Answer: Winstar Casino offers a variety of alcoholic beverages, including beer, wine, and spirits. Beer selections include domestic, imported, and craft options, while the wine selection features red, white, and sparkling varieties. Those looking to enjoy a cocktail can choose from classic drinks such as martinis and margaritas, as well as signature cocktails crafted by Winstar bartenders.

How Can I Get Alcohol at Winstar Casino?

Answer: Alcoholic beverages can be purchased at one of the many bars located throughout Winstar Casino. Patrons can also order drinks at some of the restaurants, such as Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill or El Fenix Mexican Restaurant. Additionally, some of the casino’s retail stores may also serve alcohol during specific hours.

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Are There Age Restrictions for Purchasing Alcohol at Winstar?

Answer: Yes, guests must be 21 years of age or older to purchase and consume alcohol at Winstar Casino. Guests will be asked to present a valid form of identification such as a driver’s license or passport. Minors may not be present in any area where alcohol is being served.

Does Winstar Serve Non-Alcoholic Beverages?

Answer: Yes, Winstar Casino offers a wide selection of non-alcoholic beverages, including sodas, juices, tea, and coffee. Many of the bars and restaurants also serve specialty drinks such as milkshakes and smoothies. Additionally, some of the retail stores sell bottled drinks and snacks.

Is There a Dress Code for Entering Winstar Casino?

Answer: Yes, Winstar Casino does have a dress code. All guests must be dressed appropriately and must not be wearing clothing that is offensive, revealing, or overly casual. Shoes and shirts must be worn at all times. If guests are unsure of whether their attire is appropriate, they should check with a Winstar staff member.

Watch this before you stay at Winstar World Casino Resort in Thackerville Oklahoma!

In conclusion, it is important to know what time Winstar stops serving alcohol in order to ensure that you are abiding by the state laws. Knowing the time that Winstar stops serving alcohol can also help you plan your evening accordingly so you can enjoy the casino’s offerings without over-indulging. Make sure to check with the casino ahead of time to find out the exact time that they stop serving alcoholic beverages.

Francisco Church is a rehabilitation specialist and the chief editor of Recovery Ranger. He creates this site to offer guidance and support to individuals seeking to overcome addiction and achieve lasting sobriety. With extensive experience in the field of addiction treatment, Francisco is dedicated to helping individuals access the resources they need for successful recovery.

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